‘Brain Beats’ & ‘Mind Labyrinth VR Dreams’ Out Today

Wellness Becomes Entertainment!

Indie game developer and publisher My World srls is proud to announce the official release of Brain Beats, a rhythm game produced exclusively for PlayStation 4 PSVR systems (PS5compatible) and Oculus rift (PC), designed by a team of professional wellness experts to relieve stress while offering a fun and unique gameplay experience. Available today as a standalone game or as a DLC, Brain Beats is also available in a bundle with Mind Labyrinth VR Dreams, a blissful virtual reality experience in which you explore different kinds of imaginary environments to discover amazing new emotions in wonderful virtual dreams.

Brain Beats VR challenges you to follow the rhythm and hit globes with the correct hand at the right time or cut cubes with swords to gain the best possible score! It is a fun game to relieve stress with its exciting and immersive gameplay that combines synchronized physical exercises with music in 3 different gameplay modes. You can organize your training with custom playlists and choose from fast-paced or relaxing, or a combination of both. The game offers calm relaxation tracks as well as energetic music. You can even keep track of your burned calories with your movements. 27 unique audio tracks are included, each with different atmosphere and colours to help you achieve the best results in a complete and compelling VR experience.

Mind Labyrinth VR Dreams lets you explore different kinds of imaginary environments to discover amazing new emotions in wonderful virtual dreams. It is your personal VR world in which you choose whatever emotion you prefer to experience at any given time. Search for the bright spheres of opportunities, collect them all and you will have access to a new heavenly environment. Featuring music by Hollywood Oscar-winning composers and internationally recognized artists, this unique VR experience is also VR best Meditation app of 2018 nominee. Produced in a collaboration with SHRO – Sbarro Health Research Organization in Philadelphia, it offers a fantasy world of which to relax and feel new emotions.

Today, you have the opportunity to download an exclusive VR bundle containing both Mind Labyrinth VR Dreams and Brain Beats VR at an amazing price for an incredible virtual reality experience of gaming and relaxation. With the bundle you can relieve stress by playing Brain Beats with its great exercises and proceed to visit the wonderful Mind Labyrinth VR Dreams to relax and live powerful emotions. The bundle is available from here:

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