Rusty Spout Rescue Adventure Review – PC (Steam)

“Puzzle bobble lite, anyone?”

There are games out there, that are known to be games that completely define a particular genre. Games like ‘Super Mario Bros’ and ‘Sonic the Hedgehog’ define the Platformer genre and ‘Street Fighter’ and ‘Mortal Kombat’ define the fighting game genre. However, when it comes to puzzle games, there are some which are actually smart and unique like ‘Tetris’ or ‘Angry Birds’, that are both fun to play and can offer those who are looking to improve their brain with the puzzle aspect of these games. But then, you have games like ‘Rusty Spout Rescue Adventure’ on the PS4, Xbox One and Nintendo Switch that while it is a fairly standard and sometimes fun puzzle game to play, it’s very uninspired and honestly, you’re better off playing the game that this game is heavily inspired by, ‘Puzzle Bobble’.

The game was developed by ‘7 Raven Studios’ and one of the key features of this game, is the game’s story mode. In the story, you take control of the titular character known as ‘Rusty Spout’ who is a benevolent pirate and he is facing off against his arch nemesis named ‘Cocco’ who has captured all of these children from Rusty’s village. It’s your job to set all of the children free and this will also grant you access to various other characters that are usable in the other modes in the game. The story is simple, which makes sense for this kind of game and doesn’t really need a deep and in-depth storyline. The other modes that you can play include an ‘Endless mode’, in which you keep playing various levels in the game until you lose and you aim to get a high score as well as various multiplayer modes such as a ‘Battle mode’ and a ‘Challenge mode’ where you can face off against a local opponent, though there are no online multiplayer features in this game, so if you’re hoping to play some puzzle action against someone from another country, I’m afraid you’re going to have to look elsewhere.

The gameplay is fairly straightforward and easy to understand for newcomers. On normal difficulty, you take control of a cannon and above, there are various different coloured orbs that need to be shot down with coloured orbs of your own. Once 3 orbs of a particular colour stick to each other, they will then fall and you earn points based on how many orbs fall. Like previously mentioned, this is the exact same gameplay from ‘Puzzle Bobble’ where again, you had to match 3 orbs or bubbles in that case and once 3 were matched, the bubbles would pop and you would earn points from them. Honestly, the gameplay is fun enough, even if it’s a bit uninspired and doesn’t really do much different to stand out from it’s competitors. Also, while playing, I noticed that the cannon is a bit too slow and sluggish for my liking and while there is a ‘Faster’ cannon mode in the game, I didn’t really feel much difference between the two modes.

Graphically, the game definitely takes certain aspects of various old Super Nintendo style puzzle games, but honestly, the game’s graphics are quite simple and not really impressive when you are playing through each level. Some of the level backgrounds look kind of neat, like a spooky Halloween-esque themed level later on in the game, but most levels felt mostly the same between all the 5 worlds you play through. The game features a fairly nice soundtrack that was easy to listen to whilst I played. However, during one section in the game, I experienced a sound glitch which caused all audio to cut out completely and the audio would not return until I had gotten to the next level, which was an inconvenience and I hope at some point that this can get addressed soon with a patch.

This game is not terrible and I have played worse and it is a fine little puzzle game and with the low price of £5.79, it works for what it is priced at. However, I feel that you would probably have a better time going back to the roughly 26-year-old ‘Puzzle Bobble’ and playing that instead of this. Though, I will say that if you do decide to get this game, I can see puzzle fans, especially those who enjoy these types of games, might get a kick out of this somewhat fun ‘Puzzle Bobble’ clone and it is available on most modern systems including the PS4 (Compatible with PS5), Xbox One (Compatible with Series X) and Nintendo Switch.

If what you have read is something that has interested you and you wish to check this out, then go ahead and pick up Rusty Spout Rescue Adventure on PS4/PS5, Xbox One/Series X or Nintendo Switch today!

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