Addition of realistic combat features in EasyRed2

Realistic and dynamic WW2 FPS with squad-based gameplay, vehicles, large battle maps, and many more to come

Marco Amadei, solo developer of Corvostudio and creator of successful “Easy Red” and “A Front Too Far : Normandy”, announces the new features of Easy Red 2; its new realistic ww2-theme fps game actually in Early Access; and the development roadmap until its release at summer 2021.

The sequel of the successful Easy Red, around 70.000 unit sold, Easy Red 2 is a realistic and dynamic WWII themed FPS simulator. The landing of Easy Red out of Early Access is planned for Q2 2021.

Currently in Early Access for less than 5€, gamers can play the single-player campaigns of Easy Red 2. The game receives new content every week that enhances the realism of the game and offers more immersive experiences. The most recent updates include artillery, radio, and tank combat. Other features under development include a multiplayer mode and a map-editing feature that will be included for the release of Early Access.

Corvostudio is proud of its relationship with its community of fans committed to the project. In a spirit of constructive exchange and transparency, the game’s development roadmap is available on steam

Key Features
Historical battles of World War 2
All the campaigns take place on large open-world maps that reproduce historic battle plans and real locations. From the coast of Anzio in Italy, to the bombed peaks of Montecassino, to  the battle of Kwajalein in Japan.

Squad-based System
On huge maps with 100 units deployed, the squad-based system is the only way out.  Choose one of the 7 available roles, fight for your brothers and survive.  Take on the role of squad leader and give your combat orders, heal your comrades as a Medic, trigger the artillery as a Radioman or be a Rifleman, an MG Gunner, an Anti-tank specialist, or a Marksman. Victory is achieved through the success of many actions. In addition to your global mission, you will be required to perform sub-missions leading to the total victory of your side.

Dominate the battlefield aboard World War II tanks such as the Panzer 4, Sherman, M3 lee and many others. The destruction of a tank does not necessarily mean the death of its crew, on the contrary. The tank fighting system is already featured in the Early Access version of the game.

Multiplayer and Map Editor Mode
Easy Red 2 is intended to be a large-scale multiplayer game. For the release out of Early Access, 100 participants from different camps will take part in the fight and try to win. In addition, a battle mission edition module is in development so that the community can contribute its creativity.

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