Hell Let Loose Review (PC Steam)

A fun tactics based, WW2 first-person shooter standout, certain to give the genre a run for its money.

When you think of the typical first person shooter game, what do you usually think of? Doom? Battlefield? Call of duty perhaps? Well while all of those have come out to various forms of success, it’s real neat to see a new kind of war based first person shooter be released that not only takes inspiration from those successful shooter based franchises, but also adds it’s own tactical based spin on the first person shooter genre.

Developed by Black Matter Pty Ltd and published by Team 17, (Yes, the same publisher/developers behind the Worms franchise and Yooka Laylee) The developers did a good job at trying to create a fun first person shooter, whilst trying to not just create another Call of Duty clone but instead, gives you the chance to fight against the many players on the front lines and also have the chance to take on the role of an officer and order your troops to take on enemy lines. I actually quite like this as it gives this game a unique identity and doesn’t just copy the gameplay from Call of Duty and just call it a day. Graphically, the game looks very nice on MAC/PC through Steam, as it features a variety of realistic wood, grass, rock and dirt textures for the environment, cloth and metal textures of the solders and driveable vehicles.

Another gameplay mechanic, I actually quite like in this game is the fact that communication is actually quite integral to the gameplay. This is because before every game starts, you are given the choice to join in a team of 6, dependant on which class you pick and in this team, you are then given the opportunity to talk to your fellow teammates through voice chat and this can become very useful during fire fights, as one teammate could go down into cover observing the environment and then could give orders to the rest of the team. All in all, I liked this mechanic, as it helped to get the other players actually talking to one another to work out strategies and plans of attack. As previously mentioned, this is a 50 vs 50 first person shooter game, so as you can imagine the battles that can happen, can get quite hectic when the opposing sides finally clash in matches.

The game features 9 individual maps including Omaha Beach, Carentan and even the frozen forest of Foy and there are even more maps coming out sometime down the line. There are also 14 different character classes and each one is capable of handling the fight in different ways. These include the Officer, Medic, Machine-gunner, Commander, Crewman, Sniper and more. This means the game has variety, in the types of solders you can play as and the areas that you can explore and fight in.

If you’re like me and not exactly a pro gamer when it comes to playing first person shooters , I’d recommend checking out the very useful tutorial in the main menu to give you all the details in an easy to understand step by step guide on how to play this game and not get killed when you start your first ever game. This was actually my time checking this game out and I’ll be honest, the game can get a little complicated to understand if you go into this expecting this to just be a Call of Duty clone.

Overall, I actually quite liked this game as someone who doesn’t really play many first person shooter games. It does become easier to grasp as you play, the textures and graphics are beautifully rendered and it stands out as it’s own FPS Battle Arena war game without being a replica of other games in the genre. With the developers road map that showcases all of the new features and content that is yet to come, this game does have a bright future ahead of it. Although, I do have a few gripes with Hell Let Loose. At £24.99, for what you get in this genre of game, the price point seems a bit steep for what is currently on offer and because the game is only available on Steam as of when this written review is published, I feel that not many people are going to be aware this game exists. However, Hell Let Loose is definitely a fun time, especially if you get a group of friends together and play a few team matches together while chatting to each other. Hopefully, this game will be expanded to consoles as Hell Let Loose is an FPS that could definitely give games like Call of Duty a run for it’s money.

If what you’ve read is something that has interested you and you want to try this out for yourself, go ahead and pick up Hell Let Loose on PC (Steam) and join the many players that are already on the battlefield.

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