‘Gladiator Manager’ is The Ultimate Management Sim On PC

Honor – Courage – Bravery – Victory!

Fight For Glory In Turn-Based ‘Gladiator Manager’ Offering The Ultimate Sports Management Simulation On PC

Indie game developer Eternity Games is proud to announce January 28th as the worldwide release date of Gladiator Manager, a deep and comprehensive sports management game coming to PC via STEAM™, offering a wealth of advanced features, turn-based combat and play. 

Gladiator Manager challenges you to assemble a team of gladiators on a quest to victory to win the league and cup.  Choose your prospects wisely and hire those with most potential and skills, and train them by selecting the perfect combination of abilities. The game is a deep tactical text-based simulation featuring combatants from all walks of life – veterans, citizens, criminals or slaves, each having distinct characteristics across six unique classes: gladiator, rogue, barbarian, defender, retiarius and leader. Visually, the game is beautifully rendered using a procedurally generated portrait generator utilizing images from the incredible Mesrile Vouidibio, a talented French artist. 

Gladiator Manager includes a vast number of options. The turn-based battles are deeply simulated, and orders are issued to gladiators simultaneously by player and AI, akin to rock, paper and scissors outcome, that depends on whether fighters are trying to attack, defend or move. Among the many features are 6 fighter classes, 4 origin stories, more than 100 perks, including 30+ special moves and even post-game statistical records and blow-by-blow analysis of every roll in the game, ideal for simulation purists. Your path to victory requires specialist class warriors with superb discipline, bravery and morale. 

Gladiator Manager includes five leagues, each with 10 teams, and a cup competition that spans the leagues each season. The AI never has advantages over player-controlled warriors and the backend programming promises fair fights at the highest level of realism. The game is suitable to sports- and simulation-fans seeking the ultimate simulation of gladiator combat. 


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