Mass Effect Legendary Edition Leak, Out in March?

Mass Effect Legendary Edition, the remastered collection of the original RPG trilogy by Bioware, apparently is going to be released on March 12, 2021, according to a report by Eurogamer.

The release date leak comes from Singapore retailer Shopitree and Indonesia company GSShop, both of which have posted the March 12 date, spotted by Twitter user Idle Sloth.Eurogamer states that their sources believe the date to be accurate.

“Udah ga sabar buat lihat petualangan Commander Shepard menjalani kehidupan baru dalam resolusi super tajam, framerate lebih cepat, dan peningkatan visual yang indah ?Yuk Pre Order Mass Effect Legendary Edition di Outlet GSSHOP terdekat kamu.”

Jangan sampai ketinggalan ya

— GSSHOP (@GSShopID) January 11, 2021

EA themselves haven’t officially confirmed the release date as of yet, so take it with a pinch of salt, for now at least. The collection will include all single-player base content and DLC from the first three games, with “forward compatibility and targeted enhancements on Xbox Series X and PlayStation 5.” It will also include all promo weapons, armours, and packs, all in a package that’s remastered and optimized for 4K, along with improved frame rates. There is yet to be any gameplay footage from the Legendary Edition, but with a potential March release date, it’s possible they’ll release some in the near future.

Bioware said in a statement:

“Our goal was not to remake or reimagine the original games, but to modernise the experience so that fans and new players can experience the original work in its best possible form,”

You can pre-order Mass Effect Legendary Edition on PS4, Xbox One, PS5, Xbox Series X, and PC right now. BioWare originally unveiled what look likes a new Mass Effect game at December’s Game Awards, teasing a look at an Asari who looks a lot like Liara T’Soni. This comes after the departures of GM, Casey Hudson and Dragon Age Executive Producer, Mark Darrah.

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