Glyph Platformer Out Today on Nintendo Switch

​​​​​​​MONDAY: Bolverk Games launches its first game to the Nintendo Switch console in EU/AU.

After more than a year of development, our team developing this immersive Open-World platformer is proud to see it for sale in the Nintendo eShop finally, in EU/AU regions, Monday, January 11th. 

CEO Bo Bennekov of the launch in EU/AU said:

“I have never been so excited about a game launch before. It is rare that the platforming genre sees new mechanics introduced, which really adds to the gameplay.”

Puzzling your way through everything from vast open deserts, to great ancient ruins, you make your own routes, collect what you need – if you have the skill. It’s easy enough to learn how to control the main character, but it requires full control of all of its abilities to get to the edges of the worlds and find all the secrets.

By then, you will experience zen – freedom of movement in challenging environments. 

Lead Game Designer, Jesper Halfter said:

“There’s a clear demand of the player to master the glyph. This is the red thread throughout the game, and a challenge constantly facing the player.”

Unfortunately, the Monday launch isn’t exactly as we had hoped. Due to an unforeseeable delay, the day 1 update intended to download with the game upon purchase will not be available in the EU/AU regions until February 1st at the latest.

Players will not have to take action, as the update will install automatically when available.

The main improvements that will come with the update are::

  • A lot of polish
  • A final boss fight (yes, we know… sigh)
  • Fixes for minor glitches

Glyph will launch, fully updated, in the Americas on February 1st.

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