Battle in Hell in Poison Control!

A new trailer dedicated to the gameplay of the game is available. 

NIS America today unveils a brand new gameplay trailer for Poison Control . Uncover the stories behind fallen souls, unlock an arsenal of poisonous weapons and purify corruption with your guns and the powers of Poisonette! 
Poison Control will be released for PlayStation ® 4 and Nintendo Switch ™ on April 16, 2021 . The Nintendo Switch ™ version will only be available in a special edition called “  Contaminated Edition  ”.

About the game  :
The creative minds behind Penny-Punching Princess and The Princess Guidecome back with a tale of redemption, tinged with black humor!
On the day a strange phenomenon trapped spirits in poisonous manifestations of their own despair, only the arrogant Poisonette and her amnesiac Soulmate can purify them. As they venture through the various “Beautiful ‘Hells”, they will come face to face with fallen souls who wish to escape, but also deformed creatures, all born from toxic quagmires. What dark secrets will they discover about the poisonous world around them… as well as themselves?
Features :

  • A Poisonous Collaboration  : Alternate between Poisonette, who is able to absorb poison, and her Soul Mate equipped with a gun, to slay creatures in the toxic sloughs. Unlock new weapons like poison bombs and flammable poison, purifying areas and improving Poisonette stats with the choices you make during dialogues.
  • Enigmatic encounters  : The mysterious circumstances surrounding the presence in this world of Poisonette and her Soul Mate, are just waiting to be revealed. During your adventure, meet new Poisonettes, each with their own intentions. 
  • Corrupt and Colorful  : With an artistic direction that is just as sinister as it is charming, this quirky and twisted tale offers a unique and visceral visual experience.

Content of the “Contaminated Edition” :

  • The Poison Control game on Nintendo Switch ™
  • The mini artbook
  • The extract of the soundtrack in digital format

Information :

  • Release Date: April 16, 2021
  • Platform (s): PlayStation 4 and Nintendo Switch
  • Genre: Shooter
  • Player (s): 1
  • Text: English
  • Voice: Japanese
  • Pegi: 12
  • Publisher: NIS America, Inc.
  • Developer: Nippon Ichi Software 

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