The Amatsu no Kuni Teppen Expansion

The Demon Queen Oichi Added in New TEPPEN Expansion “The Battle of Amatsu no Kuni”

The Amatsu no Kuni saga continues as fated rivals and a new Hero clash

A forlorn beauty is consumed by darkness. TEPPEN launched today “The Battle of Amatsu No Kuni.” This latest expansion introduces new cards, abilities, and the game’s latest Hero – Oichi from the Sengoku BASARA series.

New Cards, New Hero!
Sengoku BASARA brings cards for Light Army commander Tokugawa Ieyasu and Dark Army commander Ishida Mitsunari. The expansion also introduces the IP’s first Hero, Oichi. This tragic widow has suppressed her anguish and wanders through Amatsu no Kuni, when she is beckoned by a false priestess. Under the priestess’ powerful influence, Oichi becomes a demon queen and surrenders to the abyss, joining the battle as a new ‘Black’ Element Hero. She comes equipped with three Hero Arts born from anguish.

  • Dancing Dead deals damage to an enemy unit equal to the number of Unit Cards in your Graveyard. If a unit dies from this damage, your Hero gains +3 Life.
  • Despair, wail, and perish! places 3 units in your Graveyard with an MP cost of 4 or less onto the field. Give all friendly units +1/+1.
  • Dark Invitation activates the Death abilities of a friendly unit.

“The Battle of Amatsu no Kuni” picks up after Amaterasu’s battle with Oda Nobunaga. Nobunaga’s sister, Oichi, grieves the loss of her husband and falls into the shadows of the void.

The Light Army and Dark Army prepares to face each other in an epic clash! The Dark Army’s commander Ishida Mitsunari becomes consumed with avenging his fallen master and accepts dark power from the priestess. The demon queen joins their forces to attack the Light Army, and their strategist crafts a plan to turn the battlefield into a wasteland.

The Light Army’s strongest generals dispel the shadows of evil, and the reclusive queen risks her life to shed light on the truth—that the false priestess is actually the nine-tailed fox, a demon lord who feared no gods. Now, these two armies shall clash, as their souls hang in the balance!

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