Shakes On The Plane Review – Nintendo Switch

I’m always a fan of Team 17 games and have a lot of their library on my Nintendo Switch. Naturally this game got me excited, but upon playing, it seems to be a mishmash of Overcooked on a plane with milkshakes and burgers. You serve passengers their food frantically while the plane is moving around. You also have to trash the passenger waste for recycling. If you take too long they get angry and it affects your score.

The game presentation and intro is funny, yet cheaply implemented. This seems to the bare bones area of a low budget production. It’s not bad and definitely passable, but couldn’t the developers have put on more polish and better audio?

Now onto the gameplay, yes it’s fun in local multiplayer, but in 1-player, there are quite a few issues. I really had a lot of trouble setting up a single player game as the interface was really stupid. It then quickly gets frustrating during gameplay, due to the frustrating controls, especially when you keep picking up the wrong items or other characters. I quickly began to seriously dislike this and it obliterated my fun factor – a true killjoy. It’s a very stressful experience already, let alone having to battle the awkward controls and weird hitboxes. The map layout and star system are the typical Team 17 style, however, this formula has already rinsed out time and time again over different games in their library and is becoming somewhat boring. The play-it-safe approach to game development really shows here.

All is not lost though, there is still fun to be had in local multiplayer, which is what the Nintendo Switch is all about. I do feel though that the lack of online multiplayer is somewhat of a missed opportunity, and where is the HD Rumble??

The UFO alien setting of mind controlling the earthly residents is hilarious, but again underused and could have been explored further.

In conclusion, this is by no means a bad game, just nothing special, with its regular couch coop fun if you can find the friends to play with during lockdown. As a 1-player game, I’d give it a miss and get Overcooked 2 instead – which is a much more fun and premium game.

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