The Falconeer Delivers Free Update, The Kraken

Release ‘The Kraken’ as The Falconeer delivers free content update
adding exploration and diving experiences
. New early game content available now on Steam and the Xbox family of devices
with plans for further DLC in 2021.

Global video games publisher Wired Productions and visionary independent developer Tomas Sala today announced ‘The Kraken’, the first in a series of new content updates for open-world air combat game, The Falconeer, is available for free on PC and the Xbox family of devices.

Watch The Falconeer – ‘The Kraken’ trailer here:

The Kraken is a free content update that delivers entirely new exploration and discovery experiences for players, including new locations; The Cartohom Cartographers guild and the Batis Wreckdiver company. Cartohom will offer exploration missions for players to discover even more of the vast world and lore to be unlocked in The Great Ursee, while the Batis are an ancient guild of master divers, plotting missions that will take players below the waves to recover wrecks and discover ancient treasures of the deep.

Additionally, AI and combat have received an overhaul, making dogfights smoother and more spread out, and include entirely new enemy behaviours such as the ability for enemies to roll, and the addition of an off-screen enemy indicator. This latest update includes more updates and optimizations based on player feedback.

Tomas Sala intends to release further DLC updates throughout 2021 that will significantly expand the scale and depth of the already impressive world of The Falconeer.

Creator, Tomas Sala said:

“The feedback and appreciation from fans from the beta and through release has been quite overwhelming, I’ve been energized by their affection for The Falconeer. The Kraken update offers more early game content, requested by the community and press, and I’m delighted to take players into the depths of The Great Ursee and open up even more of the world with exploration missions. I’ve got so many ideas I  want to implement in 2021, the roadmap is full to the brim with new and exciting content.”

The Falconeer merges intense dogfighting and acrobatic aerial combat with a breathtaking open world full of fantastical creatures and has been hailed as “videogame magic” and “jaw-droppingly beautiful” by critics.

The Falconeer is available digitally on both PC and Xbox priced at £24.99, $29.99 and €29.99, a Day One Edition is also available for the Xbox family of devices priced at £34.99, $39.99 and €39.99 which can be ordered directly from the Wired Store or via your local retailer here.

For more information, visit, chat on Twitter  or join the official Discord.

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