Rocket League Season 2 Coming!

Psyonix, the San Diego video game developer, announced that Rocket League’s Season 2 will go live on 9th December. The next season is a celebration of music that will introduce a new customization option called Player Anthems, new songs and content from Grammy-nominated EDM artist Kaskade through a partnership with Monstercat, a new Rocket Pass, a new Arena, and more!

Rocket League Season 2 will feature:

  • Player Anthems – This new customization option will let players select and play Rocket League music in the Arena after scoring a goal. More information about Player Anthems will be revealed on the Rocket League website tomorrow.
  • New Music and Content From Kaskade – Psyonix partnered with long-standing partner and electronic music label Monstercat and acclaimed producer Kaskade to create an EP of songs for Rocket League Season 2. The first song, “Flip Reset,” with WILL K, is now available in-game, featured in the Season 2 trailer, and on streaming platforms (here). Additional Kaskade music and content will be available throughout the season.
  • New Rocket Pass – This season’s Rocket Pass includes music-themed items, some of which will pulse and flash to the beat of the menu and arena music! The appropriately named R3MX car and 70+ Tiers of unique items will be available for those who unlock Rocket Pass Premium.
  • Neon Fields Arena – This new EDM-inspired Arena will be available in Online Playlists and Private Matches.
  • Rocket Labs – Rocket Labs will return as a Casual Limited Time Mode Playlist throughout the season.
  • Additional Updates – New Competitive Rewards, Challenges, Quality of Life improvements, and changes to the Esports Shop are coming in Season 2 as well. More information on the changes to the Esports Shop will be available early next week.

Rocket Pass is gearing up for the main stage, and the star of the show is the latest car, R3MX. This sleek new design is ready for all frequencies and is unlocked immediately with Rocket Pass Premium, and the final mix, the R3MX GXT, awaits at Tier 70. Check out every beat of this Rocket Pass on the home page featuring fresh new Decals like Filiformer and EQ-RL, Wheels like Woofer and MTRX, and the Riser and Light Show Goal Explosions. Plus, for the first time, some of the items featured in Rocket Pass will pulse and flash to the beat of the menu and Arena music! 

Once you have your new R3MX ready for showtime, it’s time to hit Neon FieldsRocket League‘s newest Arena. The gates of Neon Fields will open the same time Season 2 goes live on December 9, and you can find it in Online Playlists and select it in Private Matches. Check it out in all of its beauty in the screenshots below and in the trailer.

Neon Fields 1
Neon Fields 2

Player Anthems are up next! Soon, you’ll be able to tap into Rocket League‘s ever-growing soundtrack and play your favorite music in the Arena when you score a goal with this new customization option. There’s a lot to talk about when it comes to new Player Anthems, so stay tuned for more info tomorrow.

An entire Season focused on music needs a headliner. That’s why Season 2 will feature new music and content from hitmaker Kaskade. We teamed up with our long-standing partner and electronic music label, Monstercat, who have soundtracked Rocket League gameplay with memorable music and popular compilation albums over the last three years. Curating a lineup of releases that will enhance the Season 2 experience, we’re kicking it off  with Kaskade, who’s made an EP featuring songs created just for Rocket League! Be sure to check out the first song, “Flip Reset,” with WILL K, in the Season 2 trailer above and on Monstercat, here. Be on the lookout for a second Kaskade song very soon. These two songs will also be available as Player Anthems this season, alongside some other surprises we have in store. Stay tuned for more music and content from Kaskade throughout Season 2! Until then, stream your favorite in-game tracks in our Rocket League x Monstercat Spotify playlist, here.

There’s a new featured guest joining the show throughout Season 2: Rocket Labs! Rocket Labs will be added periodically throughout Season 2 as a Casual LTM Playlist. In this LTM, you’ll be able to check out non-standard, and even experimental, Arenas featuring classic Soccer, as well as other game modes and mutators. Veteran players remember Rocket Labs from the early years of Rocket League. And, a new Rocket Labs arena will be added to the playlist that’s an even bigger throwback to Supersonic Acrobatic Rocket-Powered Battle Cars. Stay tuned later in Season 2 when Rocket Labs will make its LTM debut! 

The setlist for Season 2 is so packed that we can’t reveal everything here. For starters, we’re adding more Competitive Tournament Rewards, and retooling how you can browse the Esports Shop. Stay tuned for a blog about Esports Shop changes next week. 

The game update for Season 2 will go live on December 8 at 4 p.m. PDT (12 a.m. UTC December 9) (pending first-party certification), the day before Season 2 begins. This update will also feature improvements to Rocket League on Xbox Series X|S that were outlined in our blog earlier this month. Other QOL improvements will be outlined in the patch notes on the day of the update.

We hope you’re ready to turn Rocket League up to 11 when Season 2 goes live on December 9! Download and play for free!

Check out the Season 2 landing page HERE

Stay tuned to for more news, reviews and walkthroughs!

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