Grapple Tournament now Available on Steam

Experience the Awesome Vertical Combat in Critically Acclaimed VR-Exclusive Multiplayer ‘Grapple Tournament’. Grapple. Shoot. Score. Master the Vertical Combat!

Indie game developer and publisher Tomorrow Games is proud to announce the Early Access version of Grapple Tournament, an online multiplayer VR shooter released to critical acclaim for its hardcore action and multifunctional weapons. Available today via STEAM™, Grapple Tournament was designed and built from the ground up for the ultimate VR experience in mind, and is coming to the Oculus Store and Viveport later this year, with native Oculus Quest support scheduled for early 2021. A free demo is also available via the STEAM™ store.

Grapple Tournament challenges you to run, jump and double-jump to get yourself into the best position to take out your opponent. You can wall-jump to evade damage and use your grappling hook to gain the advantage of height or to stun your enemies by doing a grapple-swing around corners for surprise attacks! By mastering the weapons and your 3D maneuverability you get a fantastic gameplay experience and sensation. There is a sandbox Practice mode available to tryout all the weapons against hordes of drones, and you can customize your player in amazing detail to suit any personal preference that you may have.

Grapple Tournament is all about cool weapons and engaging maps to play; the maps have been specifically designed for vertical combat and you have 12 powerful weapons available ranging from the guns to plasma pistols, energy rifles, single-shot or semiautomatic. The mandatory shotgun and grenade launcher are included, as well. Double-handed weapons utilize primary and secondary mode allowing you to pick the perfect weapon for any situation; your melee weapon, the energy blade is always by your side for some retro-inspired action.

Grapple Tournament offers Free For AllTeam Deathmatch and Capture Point modes of play. Match up your opponents and get ready for some multiplayer mayhem – the heart and core of the game. In Free For All, it’s last man standing in up to 6 players participating, and Team Deathmatch offers the classic, yet very challenging 3v3 combat. Teamwork is essential to your success and you must shield your allies, assist in attacks and heal your comrades if needed. The final mode is Capture Point, that spices up the 3v3 team battles; stay in the point areas to capture them and utilize your arsenal of weapons to keep them at all cost. The team with the most points become victorious. The outdoor and closed space maps are carefully crafted arenas optimized for your all-terrain grapple experience. You will experience Sci-Fi factories, Japanese inspired temples, Greek Monuments and creepy cave excavations as you play. Whatever your preference may be, Grapple Tournament has something to offer.

Grapple Tournament VR is available via STEAM™
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