7 Weapons and Vehicles We Want in GTA Online Update

The next GTA Online update is just 15 days away and we couldn’t be any more excited for what’s to come. Not just because it’s a new heist in a new location, nor that you can go it alone for the first time ever, but rather what sparked our interest was this little tidbit of information, concerning new weapons and vehicles.

Sure, we’ve had the constant drip feed of cars since Day One, all the way back to 2013, but this one feels just that little bit different, almost like we are about to become James Bond. Which is why we’ve assembled this list of our TOP 7 most wanted Weapons and Vehicles, we’re hoping to see in the next GTA Online Update, the Cayo Perico Heist.

Number 7 – The Garrote Wire

A long staple of stealth games, the Garrote wire or Cheese wire for lovers of stinky cheeses, is the go to weapon for stealthy takedowns. Being a long running weapon of choice for Agent 47, featuring in the Godfather series, Stealth games of all sizes and most recently, the Assassin Character in Watch Dogs Legion, it wasn’t until now, that it felt almost required for Grand Theft Auto Online. We may already have an impressive range of melee weapons already to hand, but for the true silent and sneaky connoisseur, the ability to choke out members of those heavy armed militia, guarding the compound of the most notorious and dangerous drug dealer in the GTA universe, El Rubio, seems like a garrote wire would come in particularly handy on more than one occasion. That, and we really love cheese.

Number 6 – Apollo Tactical USA Compound Bow

It isn’t just this bow in particular, any bow will do. After all, the island of Cayo Perico doesn’t look to have many hiding places or roof tops from what we saw in the trailer, so setting up in the middle of open land with a sniper rifle wouldn’t exactly be the most wisest of choices if you want to take guards out quietly and would rather prefer to not be seen. Sure, the current silenced weapons of choice are great, but we want something with a little more “je ne sais quoi”, so to speak. Thus, we present, the Apollo Tactical USA compound bow. Something we consider to be truly a more elegant weapon, from a simpler time. (Cue the rabid hatred from Star Wars fans).

Why a bow you may ask? Well if you’re going to take on a horde of angry mercenaries head on or sneak in quieter than a church mouse, you’re going to want to feel a little less 007 and a bit more, Rambo. Which is why our number 6 is the Tactical Compound Bow or Stealth Bow (you can also add Crossbow to that list if to that if you’re feeling frisky). With just as much accuracy as your standard assault rifle due to the Optic Sight and UV targeting light, not to mention, being able to fire behind you, the Apollo fires at 320 feet per second and is so quiet, you won’t hear it yourself, despite it being right next to your ear (or so claims the manufacturers). Thus making this fine specimen of American engineering the ideal weapon to take down a drug kingpin. Not to mention, ten times more fun, as you’ll have the ability to fire from a really long way away and just like the 1980’s action franchise, the Tactical bow can fire a range of tipped arrow heads with ease, including but not limited to poisoned, flaming and our personal favourite, exploding arrows. Now who wouldn’t want that?

Number 5 – Underwater Jet Ski

SeaBob (pic: Jetskitips.com)

You’re ready to go to war on land but how exactly do you escape from the island to your submarine HQ without having to swim to and from, carrying Gold, Art work and “Paper” drug money in violent Ocean “Water”. After all Gold is heavy and will likely make you sink and water and paper aren’t the closest of bed fellows, so may we suggest something to make that process a tad easier at number 5, the Underwater Jet Ski.

Currently used by SAS and Navy Seals to silently cross open water, albeit, from short distances, this nifty little gadget became popular due to, you guessed it, James Bond in the film Goldfinger and with good reason. It would be fairly easy to use and could act in the same way a parachute does in the air (simply appearing) or a jetski or boat in water (something you have to interact with to use). Just hold on as the jet ski’s engine propels you forward at a top speed of 13.7mph to and from your submarine, and seriously, is there a cooler way to make your daring escape? What’s more, unlike all the splashing about caused by frantically swimming, the underwater jet ski moves you quietly through the water, able to reach depths in real life, of around 100 feet. Now you just need to find something to keep all that money and art work dry. Perhaps a jiffy bag?

Number 4 – Stealth Rifle

The reason for this inclusion to our list is literally in the name. This sexy little number has all the range, rate of fire and accuracy you’d expect from a high powered target gun. More importantly, it is for us at least, needed in a trip to rob a remote island full of baddies. With a velocity of 400-850 feet per second and a choice of iron sights or scope, the Stealth rifle is ready made for GTA Online as a dual sniper rifle and assault rifle combo and what’s more, comes equipped with a silencer attached should you wish to get in close on the action without tipping off everyone else to your presence. Whilst the real life model isn’t semi nor fully automatic, running on gas and only able to fire a single shot at a time, I’m sure Rockstar would not have issues in making a variant of this superior firearm that enables you to do both without having to give your fore finger undue exercise.

Number 3 – Road Loader

Since the glitch, enabling players to take vehicles onto the Bombushka, which was unfortunately later patched, players have been dying to finally have an actual mode of transport fitting to carry their other cars and bikes around the map. For the longest time, that seemed like a fantasy, however with the release of the teaser trailer, it appears that that fantasy, may soon become a reality. As you can see above, the vehicle on the left appears to be a road loader, which takes everything from building materials to a car.

If you’re like me and have one too many cars and bikes you want to move around the map to your different garages, being able to take more than one at a time would certainly lessen the time wasting away as you dodge traffic from Del Perro to Paleto Bay. Which could be better spent, I don’t know, knee-capping El Rubio’s guards and robbing them blind? We can buy a bus, why not something useful?

Number 2 – Camouflage

(pic: Google)

There is a soldier in this image, you seen him yet? No? That’s because our number two is Camouflage. Okay, this isn’t a weapon or vehicle. However, if we want to actually remain stealthy and avoid being seen whilst running across open farm land with no cover, what better addition than some actual camouflage. Being able to hide in plain sight would certainly come in useful when sneaking around the armed guards and with very little foliage to speak of, what better asset for a heist than being virtually invisible to enemy NPC’s with a new ghost organization that makes you nearly invisible on screen to rival players and NPC’s for a short period of time. Like the heavy armor drop, being able to drop camouflaged clothing into the battle in times when you need an edge would be a really nice touch. Should this come to fruition, we promise to use this new found power responsibly in every other situation, pinky swear.

Bonus – Armored Humvee

The two vehicles (center and right), are clearly two door military Humvee’s, equipped with a flat bed, that you can expect to be a part of the initial drip feed of vehicles upon the update’s release. However, given that the island has an existing heavily armed militia on standby, we would prefer our escape vehicle had a little more armor and more so, was capable of carrying all three of your friends and you to the evac point in relative safety, behind five inch thick solid steel panels. Whilst we’re at it, maybe Rockstar can add a bottle of champagne and cigars in the back for us to celebrate a job well done.

Number 1 – The Submarine HQ

Number one is obviously the Submarine HQ, because it’s not just a vehicle but a potential weapon as well, making it the ultimate addition to GTA Online’s latest update. Whilst it’s a great addition to what could be the last update for current generation console users, this underwater machine of death does have it’s good and bad points. Firstly, for far too long, peaceful gamers have had to contend with Oppressor MK2’s and jet griefers plaguing public lobbies and it’s time Rockstar gave us something to officially fight back with something that doesn’t take a huge chunk of our bank account, like the orbital cannon does. Bring forth the Submarine HQ. A potential griefer deterrent and combatant powerful enough to end all out war with the press of a button, or trigger as the case may be. The Submarine we see is the same the one from Act 2 of the Doomsday Heist with a potentially different layout, making it your very own personal, custom nuclear Submarine. It’s real life counterpart is used by Naval forces around the world and the one thing this long tube of destruction is capable of, is locking on to targets on land and mid air, with sea to air and land missiles, which would mean Oppressor MK2 griefers days are numbered, should this be an actual feature. Not to mention, the possibility of actually being able to drive it around the map like an oversized Stromberg, makes us a little bit too excited.

Admittingly, having access to nuclear warheads is a long shot, however Rockstar did already kind of tease it with these two screenshots from the announcement trailer.

Whilst it is exciting to have the biggest and most destructive weaponized vehicle to date in game, it does have one major setback to it’s inclusion. That being, the potential of having multiple nuclear submarines in public lobbies, destroying absolutely everything in sight with sea to air and sea to land missiles. This is obviously a very scary situation for peaceful players on the other side of that big red button, should the ability to spam nuclear warheads from a submarine become a game bug exploit. Meaning those players minding their own business, just trying to get from point A to point B would have to contend with not just Oppressor MK2’s but a real risk of getting obliterated by a nuclear warhead from enemy players that they cannot reach or kill, which could be a real problem for player’s just wanting to play and grind for money.

What’s even more worrying is the very real risk that this is the last update for last gen PS4 and Xbox One users, meaning no more patches or updates. Should an exploit be found with this underwater beast, it is highly unlikely it will be patched again after the next gen version releases on the PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series X. Fingers crossed that this is not the case, but if it is, that Rockstar implements at least some limits and boundaries, to prevent this beast becoming an untouchable killing machine.

That’s our list. Did you agree with our list? Have anything additional we haven’t included here? Let us know in the comments below.

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