Double Pug Switch Review – Xbox One

Published and developed by Apriori and Polygon Loft, Double Pug Switch puts players in control of Otis, a cute looking pug who is owned by a scientist and resides with a pesky cat called Whiskers. When Whiskers causes a lab accident that results in a hole dimension hole, both Whiskers and Otis are sucked in, seemingly trapped on the other side. You’ll soon find out that Otis has the ability to hop between dimensions, and by using this power, he’ll need to chase after Whiskers and prevent him from causing more destruction.

There’s 32 levels to complete, which get trickier the further you progress. Once you find your footing and remember the patterns, more experienced players may find that they’ll complete the game in a couple of hours, but be prepared to die…a lot. Double Pug Switch excels in it’s ‘one more go’ formula – dying might seem quite frustrating but there’s something quite satisfying when you finally finish a particularly tricky level. 

While it’s certainly true that the difficulty increases the further players make it through the game, there is an element of inconsistency in the levels too. Some levels might see you flying through with few difficulties, where others result in endless deaths before finally cracking the pattern. It means you can never quite get comfortable in the gameplay.

The difficulty comes mainly in the dimension-switching mechanic and the precise jumping required. By pressing the B button, Otis will switch between himself and his alter-ego from another dimension. Platforms, obstacles and coins will become usable or disappear depending on the pug you’re currently switched to. Pressing or holding down the jump button (A) controls Otis’ jump. It sounds simple, right? Not at all. I often found I accidentally clicked the dimension button instead of jumping and vice-versa, especially in the faster paced levels. Otis’ jump is also pretty difficult to time just right, and as precise jumping is crucial to complete a level, it almost certainly results in a lot of deaths.

Checkpoints definitely help to keep that ‘one more go’ feeling going, but the patience to sit and complete a game that at times can see 50 or more deaths in a single level might still be a bit of a testing point for some players. 

Double Pug Switch is nicely presented – the design and characters are fun, cute and vibrant, and the cut-scenes are a welcome addition, as is the music. It’s difficult, that’s for sure, so for anyone looking for a challenging puzzle-platformer game, then this might be one for you. 

Double Pug Switch is out now on PC, PS4, Xbox One and Switch.

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