Tomb Raider is coming to Mobile 2021

Square makes huge announcement about the iconic franchise on Twitter

Fans of the beloved series will soon be able to jump into the shoes of the explorer, Lara Croft on iOS and Android as of next year. Developer and Publisher, Square Enix released the trailer last night on their Twitter account, dropping the bomb shell and leaving many gamers excited for what usually is a AAA title, will soon be available to literally play anywhere.

Whilst some gamers whom were hoping for a new console version to drop in the new year might be a little disappointed, the popular trend of mobile gaming is becoming more common with developers, and there is still room for a new Tomb Raider console version to drop on next generation consoles. There is no news on how much the game will cost, what the story is or what, if any, Easter eggs and characters we may see, but for that, keep an eye on the Square Enix Twitter account and on the official Tomb Raider website. Click below to watch the trailer.

Stay tuned to for more news, reviews and walkthroughs!

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