ACNH: Free Winter Update, includes COOKING?!

All you need to know about the Free New Horizons Winter Update!

Nintendo has just released a new trailer for a free update coming to your Animal Crossing island, in New Horizons beginning November 26th 2020 and are as follows…

  • From November 26th, you and your residents can experience Turkey Day, with the arrival of a new visitor, the first class chef, Franklin. You can help create a feast by gathering ingredients. Could this be the arrival of new vegetables?
  • Then from December 24th is Toy Day, which includes a bunch of new DIY’s and decorations to decorate your home and island with, including a giant Christmas tree and another new visitor arrival in the name of the black-nosed reindeer, Jingle. You’ll help deliver presents from Santa with your own Santa’s Christmas sack to the other residents and celebrate Christmas surrounded by snow and twinkling lights.
  • There will be also two new items added to the Nook Miles shopping menu, including the Hip Reaction Collection (2,700) and the the Top 6 Stylish hairstyles (1,800).
  • Hip reactions includes:
    • Sit down animation
    • Wave Goodbye
    • Take a Picture
    • Sniff Sniff
    • Working Out
    • Yoga
    • Here you Go
    • Excited
    • Ta-Da
  • Hairstyles include a 70’s afro, hair bunches or if you want to freeze over the Christmas period, you can choose to have no hair at all as you can now don the bald look.

And there is more, your housing storage will nearly double from 1600 up to 2400 and on November 19th, Save Data Transfer feature will be added to your game save. The trailer then concludes with an announcement of another free update in January, which includes the image of the Brightly coloured green, yellow and turquoise peacock, Pavé which in previous games has meant the arrival of Festivale, including candy to collect and DIY to make.

Which part are you most excited? Let us know.

Stay tuned to for more news, reviews and walkthroughs!

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